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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 8

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that ... not
that he
that is right
that is so
that remaining
that sometimes pe...that which can be...that which is ent...
that which is woven
that which spins
the Earth
the Milky Way
the Zodiac
the age of youth
the ankle
the aristocratic ...
the back skin
the beards
the chase
the color of rust
the common good
the common people
the country
the crowd
the dead
the desire to fight
the elbow a cubit
the enemy
the face
the fact that
the famous he
the fates
the fist
the flea
the former
the gallows
the godfather of ...
the good fortune
the gospel
the greater
the groin
the harvest
the heel stone
the herb rue
the herb savory
the herb thyme
the highest part ...the hoopoe
the itch
the juniper tree
the latter he
the laurel
the left hand
the liver
the lung
the making
the masses
the middle of
the more
the morrow
the north wind
the one ... the o...the only
the other
the other one
the others
the people
the point of the ...the point that
the pointed end s...
the poop
the production of...the public eye
the publishing of...the remaining
the rest
the right hand
the rush
the same
the second
the shoulder
the signer of a d...
the sooner the be...the spruce tree
the stomach
the tail of an an...the throat
the upper arm str...
the very greatest
the waiting for
the whole
the wild grape
the world

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