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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 22

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T: Page 22 of 32.

to surge
to suspend
to swallow
to swear
to swear an oath
to sweep out
to swell up
to swell up with swim
to take
to take an oath take away
to take care of
to take delight in
to take down
to take for oneself
to take in hand
to take one's stand
to take or lay take out
to take possession
to take to oneself
to take up
to take vengeance...
to tame
to taste
to tear down
to tear in pieces
to tear out
to tear to pieces
to terrify
to test make a thank
to that matter
to that place
to the bottom
to the ground
to the highest them themselves
to thin out
to think
to think meanly of
to threaten
to throw
to throw forth
to throw on
to throw oneself throw out
to throw to
to throw together
to thrown down
to tie
to tie up
to tinge
to tolerate
to torch
to torment
to torture
to totter
to touch
to touch closely
to track down
to train
to trample
to transfer
to tread
to tread under foot
to tremble
to trickle away
to trifle
to trip up
to try
to turn
to turn around
to turn aside
to turn away
to turn out
to turn sideways
to turn the mind to
to turn towards
to turn upside down
to twist
to uncover
to undermine
to undertake
to unfold
to unharnass
to unloose
to unroll a book
to untangle
to use
to use abusive vanish
to vex
to visit frequently
to vomit
to vomit forth
to walk
to walk into

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