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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 21

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T: Page 21 of 32.

to set straight
to set up
to settle
to settle by combat
to sew together
to shake
to shake together
to shake violently
to shape
to shave
to shave scalp
to shine
to shorten
to shout
to show
to show oneself
to shut in
to shut out
to shut up
to shuun
to sift
to sigh
to sing
to sink
to sit
to sit before
to sit near haunt
to slacken
to sleep
to slide forward
to slip
to smear
to smell
to smell bad
to smile
to smoke
to smooth
to snatch away
to soak
to soften
to sow
to spare
to speak
to speak against
to speak of
to speak out
to spend
to spend the nigh...
to spend time
to spin
to spread
to spread about
to spread news
to spread out
to spread out spring up
to sprinkle
to squeeze
to stand
to stand before
to stand form
to stand forth
to stand open
to stand out
to stand up
to start forward
to stay away all step in
to stick in
to stink
to stir up
to stoll
to strangle
to strengthen
to strengthen much
to stretch
to stretch out
to strike
to strike hard
to strike violently
to strip
to strive
to stroke down
to struggle against
to struggle to study
to stuff
to stutter
to subject to
to such a degree
to such a point
to suckle
to suffer
to suffer pain
to suffer with one
to sum up
to summon
to support
to suppress

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