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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 20

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T: Page 20 of 32.

to rattle
to ravish
to reach
to reach the read again
to read aloud
to rebuke
to recall
to receive
to recognize
to recommend
to recreate
to redeem
to redouble
to reflect
to reflect upon
to refuse
to regain
to reject
to rejoice
to release
to relieve
to remain
to remain behind
to remember
to remind
to remove
to render old
to renew
to renounce
to rent
to repair
to repay
to repeal
to repeat
to replenish
to require
to resist
to respect
to rest
to restore
to return
to return to
to revive
to revoke
to ride on rise
to rise up
to root out
to rout
to rub
to ruin
to run back and run into
to run riot
to run up and down
to run up under aid
to rush
to rush back and rush into
to sacrifice
to sadden
to sail
to sail downstream
to sanctify
to satisfy
to say
to say back
to say often
to scare
to scatter
to scorn
to scratch out
to scream
to see
to seek
to seek again
to seek for
to seize
to select
to sell
to sell formally
to send
to send away
to send back word
to send forward
to separate
to serve
to serve quiver
to set
to set against
to set down
to set fire to
to set forth
to set free
to set in mortion
to set in order
to set on fire
to set over

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