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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 19

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T: Page 19 of 32.

to omit
to oppose
to oppress
to order
to overcome
to overflow
to overwhelm
to owe
to paint
to pander
to pass
to pass away
to pass betond
to pass over
to pass through
to pass time
to pay a creditor
to penetrate sting
to perish
to persecute
to persist
to persuade
to pertain to
to pick out
to pity
to placate
to place
to place an place between
to place leave in...
to place near
to plan
to plant
to play
to play the fool
to plead urgently
to plow
to plow up
to pluck
to pluck off
to plunder
to poison
to polish
to pollute
to pollute with g...
to possess
to pour
to pour forth
to pour out
to pour together
to praise
to praise pray
to preach
to precede
to prepare
to preserve
to press down
to press heavily press together
to press upon
to prevail upon prevent
to prick
to pride oneself
to proclaim
to produce
to promise
to promise to God
to prosecute to prosper
to protect
to provide arms
to publish
to puff up
to pull
to pull apart
to punish
to pursue eagerly
to put a mark upon
to put after
to put down
to put in motion
to put in place of
to put into
to put next
to put off
to put to flight
to put to shame
to put together
to put under
to putrefy
to quarrel
to quicken
to rage
to rain
to raise
to raise up
to ransom

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