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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 18

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T: Page 18 of 32.

to lean against leap
to leap at or on ...
to learn
to leave
to leave behind
to leave desolate
to leave off
to less
to let down
to let go
to let go forward
to let go let slip
to liberate
to lick (of lie
to lie down
to lie down often
to lie hidden
to lie or lean upon
to lift
to lift again
to lift up
to limp
to listen to
to live
to load
to loiter
to long for
to look at
to look at look back
to look down
to look for
to look into the ...
to look over
to look to the look upward at
to loosen
to lose
to love
to lure forth
to lure out
to magnify
to maintain
to make
to make a bargain...
to make a face
to make a mound
to make an agreem...
to make an oath
to make anew
to make bloody
to make bright make cheerful
to make clear
to make dark
to make dizzy
to make fit
to make for
to make full use of
to make greater
to make happy
to make known
to make losses go...
to make mild or make progress
to make sad
to make sad or mark beneath
to mark out
to marvel at
to mean
to melt
to miss
to mitigate
to mix
to mix properly
to mock
to mourn
to move
to move away
to move to
to move violently
to multiply by five
to near
to need
to nod
to nod assent
to notice secretly
to obliterate
to obtain
to obtain by occupy oneself
to occur
to offer
to offer a price
to offer to buy

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