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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 17

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T: Page 17 of 32.

to grow old
to grow out of
to grow strong
to grow thickly
to grow tired
to grow up
to growl
to grumble
to guide
to hack
to halter
to hand over
to handle
to hang
to hang over
to hang to
to happen
to happen to ment...
to harass
to harden
to hasten
to hate
to have
to have a bad odor
to have been
to have have no hope
to have read
to have the have the habit...
to heal
to hear
to heat
to help
to herald
to hide
to hint at
to hit
to hit hard
to hobble
to hold
to hold back
to hold in
to hold up
to hollow out
to honor (a deity)
to hope for
to howl loudly
to hunger
to hunt
to hurl
to hurl against
to ignore
to imitate
to impede
to implore
to impress upon o...
to increase
to indicate
to infer
to inform fully
to inhabit
to injure
to insinuate
to instruct
to intermingle
to invite
to irritate
to join
to join connect
to joke
to judge
to keep from
to keep in
to keep on
to keep oneself
to keep togethere
to kill
to kill cruelly
to kindle
to knock
to knock down
to know
to know again
to lad out lamen
to land
to last endure
to laugh at
to lay
to lay aside
to lay out
to lay to a charge
to lay waste
to lead
to lead back
to lead in
to lead on the lead through

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