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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 16

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T: Page 16 of 32.

to feast
to feed
to fertilize cheer
to fight
to fight against
to fighten
to fill
to fill up
to finish
to fish out
to fit
to fix
to fix the flash
to flatter
to flee
to flee interpret
to flow
to flow away
to flow down
to flow in to rus...
to flow out
to fly
to fold
to fold together
to follow
to follow after
to follow to the forbid
to force
to foresee
to foretell
to form
to form again
to forsake
to fortify
to foster
to free
to free from a sn...
to freeze
to frighten
to fulfill
to furnish
to gab
to gain
to gape yearn for
to gather
to gather strength
to gather together
to get
to get again
to get into a get up
to get wet
to give
to give a nod to
to give a ruling
to give again
to give back
to give duration
to give orders
to give out
to give way
to gleam faintly
to glide away
to glorify
to glory
to glut oneself
to gnash one's te...
to gnash the teetch
to go
to go ahead
to go apart
to go away
to go back
to go before
to go by
to go forth
to go inland
to go off to
to go out
to go over
to go to
to go to bed
to go to meet
to go to see
to goad
to grab
to grant
to grasp
to graze
to grieve
to groan
to grow
to grow grow fat
to grow in
to grow in or on
to grow mild

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