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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 15

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T: Page 15 of 32.

to destroy
to die
to dig in
to dig out
to dig up
to digress
to dine
to direct
to discharge one'...
to disclose
to disclose fully
to disembowel
to disgrace
to disinherit
to dislike
to dismember
to dismiss
to distinguish
to distraho
to distribute
to disturb
to dive
to do
to do harm to
to do penance
to do thoroughly
to do wrong
to do contrive evil
to double
to doubt
to drag
to draw
to draw back
to draw blood
to draw out
to draw over
to draw to an end
to draw together
to dream (+ acc....
to drink
to drink up
to drive against
to drive away
to drive back
to drive before one
to drive off
to drive out
to drive together
to dry up
to eat
to eat breakfast
to eat greedily
to eat up
to embrace
to emerge
to encourage
to endure
to engender
to enjoy
to enlarge
to enrich
to entangle
to enter
to enter upon
to entice
to entreat for
to entrust
to envy
to equip
to erect
to escape
to establish
to examine
to exceed
to excite
to excuse oneself
to execute
to execute comple...
to exempt from exhibit
to explain
to extend
to exult
to fabricate
to fail
to fall
to fall asleep
to fall back upon
to fall down
to fall ill
to fall in love fall in or on
to fall into
to fall to the fall upon
to fan to wave so...
to fasten down
to fasten together
to fear

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