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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 14

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T: Page 14 of 32.

to color
to comb
to comb back
to come
to come around
to come back
to come before
to come happen
to come near
to come often
to come to
to come to a boil
to come to pass
to come to the aid
to come up to
to come up to aid
to come upon
to commit
to commit compare
to compel
to complain
to complain contain
to complain exces...
to complain loudly
to complete
to compress to pr...
to conceal
to concede
to concur
to condemn
to condescend
to conduct oneself
to confess
to confine
to confuse
to confute restrain
to congeal
to conquer
to consecrate
to consider
to consider caref...
to consider contend
to contian
to continue
to continue eating
to convert
to cool
to cough
to count
to cover
to covet
to cram
to crawl
to create
to creep
to creep out
to crouch down
to crowd
to crowd in
to crown
to cry
to cry aloud
to cultivate
to cut
to cut away
to cut back
to cut down
to cut into
to cut off
to cut short
to cut the throat
to cut through
to dare.
to deceive
to decide
to declaim
to declare
to declare in decrease
to dedicate
to defend
to define
to delay
to deliver together
to demand
to demolish
to demonstrate
to deny
to deny by oath
to deny deny a debt
to depart
to depart from
to depend on
to deposit
to deprive
to deserve
to desire

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