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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "T", Page 13

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T: Page 13 of 32.

to beg by entreaty
to beget
to begin
to begin to bristle
to begin to shine
to behead
to believe trust
to bellow
to bend
to beset
to bewitch
to bind
to bind below
to bind on beneath
to bind together
to blame
to bleat
to bleed
to bless
to blossom
to blow
to blush to
to boil down
to boil up
to bore
to bore through
to both sides
to break
to break in pieces
to break off
to break open
to break out
to break through
to break up
to breathe out
to breathe upon
to bridle
to bring
to bring again
to bring as bring back a bring forth
to bring forward
to bring to naught
to bring together
to bring up
to bristle
to build
to build beneath
to built in
to burn
to burn up
to bury
to buy
to buy up
to calculate
to call
to call away
to call back
to call into ques...
to call out to
to call together
to call upon
to cancel
to capture
to care for
to carry
to carry away
to carry back
to carry in
to carry in front
to carry off
to carry on
to carry out
to carry through
to catch sight of
to cause
to cause to degen...
to cause to stand
to change
to charm
to chatter
to check
to cheer
to cherish
to chew the cud
to chide
to chirp
to choke
to choose
to choose out
to clean
to cleanse
to clear
to cling to
to close
to clothe
to collect
to collide with

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