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List of Terms: Terms beginning with "A", Page 2

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A: Page 2 of 8.

a large concourse
a large part
a laurel branch
a leather bag
a little box
a little knife
a little or small...a little slow
a loan
a long time ago
a long while ago
a lot
a lying down
a mare
a meeting
a mimic
a miracle play
a moment
a nap
a natural science
a nobleman
a nod
a nodding
a painter's brush
a pair bond
a penitent
a period of three...
a pike
a pimple
a pit
a plant
a plant blight
a pot or jar
a pound's weight ...a pouring form
a prick
a private person
a promise
a promiser
a purchase
a quiver
a race
a rash
a rattle
a reader
a retreat
a ribbon
a rival
a running
a running down
a saying
a scream
a second time
a shaking
a sharp point
a shock
a shower is falling
a single hair a t...a single head of ...a single time
a slight stain
a slipping or sli...a slope
a small bed
a small book
a small oven
a small property
a solemn statement
a source of profit
a spade
a speaking against
a spear
a speech
a spendthrift
a sponge
a square
a stake
a stink
a summing up
a taking away
a tearing
a thin rope
a thousand
a thousand times
a timber tree-tr...

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